How can you break through traditional advertising clutter? Get more responses to your online business? Create excitement that motivates customers? Attract new and repeat visitors to your store or Web site? You can do it all with vacation certificates. They're an amazingly inexpensive, simple, and unique way to promote products and services without cutting into profits.

Do you want to create a lasting impression with your best prospects so they'll buy again? Improve direct mail and ad response rates? Up-sell or sell multiple units without squeezing your margins? Vacation certificates add value and give your prospects an irresistible reason to respond — NOW! And after your customer enjoys a rewarding getaway (thanks to you), you can be sure they'll think of you the next time they're ready to buy. Travel certificates can make the difference between losing a sale and gaining a customer for life.

Vacation certificates are becoming very popular and are appearing in more and more online marketing campaigns and they are being increasingly used in the marketing strategies of many offline businesses. The reason why they are so effective is because they are free, and they also have a perceived high value. People like to get free things, and will pay extra for an item just to get the free thing that is going with it. If this free item is a vacation certificate for a cruise to Mexico then that is a very strong reason to make the purchase. Even a two or three night hotel break is enough to persuade people to part with a few dollars to buy something that they perceive as being of less value than the certificate.


In fact, certificates are available for a variety of vacations including cruises, flights, hotel rooms, resort breaks, and so on. You can make money from them too, by marketing them from your website. You can print as many as you like, and even use them yourself or give them to your family and friends. When you purchase a certificate, you will have the right to print an unlimited number of the certificates and sell them at any price. There is no limit on how many certificates you print. Or you can just print one certificate and have copies made at a print shop. You can sell the certificates you print for any price you wish.

For years, Fortune 500 Companies have used certificate incentives to generate a substantial increase in sales, leads and referrals. Businesses use the certificates in their promotions that include direct mail offers for both new and previous customers, telemarketing, online ads, newspaper ads, and many other marketing campaigns. By simply contacting companies about the certificates and how using them will dramatically increase their sales and leads, you will easily sell hundreds of the certificates to businesses of all kinds. Businesses who use the certificates in their marketing & promotions see at least a 30% increase in sales.

Think of the hundreds of telemarketing firms in every city in the country trying to get customers to let them come to their homes for an estimate or to see a demonstration of their product. Their leads increase by as much as 50% when they offer a free vacation certificate just for being home when the sales representative arrives. Every MLM company will increase their down line by offering free vacations to sign up. Auto dealers all over the country are offering vacations to customers that come in for a test drive. Trade show exhibitors give them to people who visit their booth. Real estate agents give them to people who come to their open house. Mortgage companies give them as a gift for refinancing a mortgage. Fund raising organizations, schools, churches, etc will purchase the certificates to promote donations for just about any fund raising project. Photography studios offer them with each finished portrait. Insurance companies give them as a gift for a new policy written. And the list goes on and on. The truth is, every business will increase sales when offering a free vacation certificate and you could earn a substantial income from selling vacation certificates to these businesses.

Most businesses that purchase them normally buy them in large quantities, so you can easily sell a large amount of them in no time at all. One large account such as a national sales company could earn you thousands of dollars weekly. Plus, most businesses re-order the certificates once they've run out. So you can make a lot of money on re-orders alone.

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